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In this conversation, Michael and Caleb discuss Epictetus’s chapter On Attention (Discourses 4.12). It’s an essential reading from the Stoic master on an essential topic.

Buddhism 101

Stoicism and Mindfulness

Caleb and Michael also preview an upcoming conversation on Moderation…Stay tuned. It will be released in the next few weeks.

(01:04) The Importance of Attention
(06:07) Pay Attention Now
(08:48) Attention Fuels the Fire
(10:27) Always On
(15:08) What's Wrong With Phones
(20:41) Moderate Shoutout
(22:17) What Are You Attending To?
(31:45) What Else Should You Pay Attention To
(34:59) The Meaning of Life Is Game
(37:48) Attention Is a Habit
(45:31) The Soul Becomes Dyed With the Color of Its Thoughts
(48:45) Reactive Focus


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