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The ancients talked about Nature, Reason, Zeus, and God – but what did they mean by it?

In this conversation, Michael tells us who or what the Stoic God is.

We’re here to tell you – and share how the Stoic’s beliefs about God influenced their practice and picture of Stoicism.

(00:58) Why The Stoic God Matters

(03:21) The Agenda

(05:40) Stoic Physics

(08:29) Is This Like Aristotle?

(14:13) God Is Fire

(23:35) The Forms of God

(28:53) God Is Everything

(31:52) The Divine In Us

(37:15) Reason

(38:31) The Cyclic Universe

(45:36) The Problem Of Evil

(54:18) Living In Accordance With Nature

(56:25) Summary


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