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The philosopher and the general. Stoic philosophy in ancient Roman history.

In this podcast, Caleb speaks with Alex Petkas about Pompey and Posidonius – the great Roman general and his Stoic mentor.

Both of their lives were epic in the greatest sense. They carry lessons for applying Stoic emotion management, cosmopolitanism, and, even, inquiry into the natural world.

Listen to the Cost of Glory episodes on Pompey

(01:27) Seneca on Posidonius

(03:28) The World of Posidonius

(12:35) The Roman Civil War

(15:59) Pompey Meets Posidonius

(19:08) Stoic Cosmopolitanism in Action

(26:12) Paying Respects to the Philosopher

(31:04) The Rest of Pompey's Story

(32:14) Pompey's Stoic and Non-Stoic Attributes

(43:48) Posidonius on the Divine

(53:06) Fate Willing


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