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Why did talking about virtue fall out of fashion – and why is it coming back now?

In this conversation, Caleb speaks with Judith Stove about that very question, providence, and Marcus Aurelius as God.

Judith Stove is a Sydney, Australia, researcher and writer, focusing on Jane Austen and her reception, as well as on Stoicism and other classical virtue ethics.  Along with Simon J.E. Drew, she co-hosts the podcast 'Soul Searching With Seneca' at The Walled Garden philosophical community. She is currently assistant editor of the online journal Stoicism Today. Judith is also a part of the organising team for Stoicon-X Melbourne, which is preparing its fourth in-person event in October 2024. Having published two books on Jane Austen's life and times, she is working on her third, about the legacies of Marcus Aurelius, to appear in 2025.

This is How We Become Godlike: Marcus Aurelius and His Monuments

(00:57) What is Stoicism?

(04:21) Community

(09:49) Finding Stoicism

(18:34) Where Did Virtue Go?

(30:09) Providence

(41:20) Does Caleb Believe In The Stoic God?

(46:15) Marcus Aurelius As God

(54:46) Resources

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