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"The thought for today is one which I discovered in Epicurus; for I am wont to cross over even into the enemy's camp, – not as a deserter, but as a scout."

In this conversation, Caleb and Michael talk about lessons from Epicureanism. To do this, use Seneca’s quotations of Epicurus and other Epicureans as a source. The Epicurean tradition has a lot of wisdom about how to relate to wealth, master desire, and study philosophy.

(00:26) Introduction

(02:38) What Epicureanism Is

(07:54) The Enemy's Camp

(17:37) Philosophy Matters

(22:18) Urgency

(26:10) Money Money Money

(32:01) Desire

(38:06) Drugs

(40:05) Friendship

(49:24) Summarize


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