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Do you want to learn how to Journal like Marcus Aurelius?

Parker Settecase explains different approaches to journaling, writing, and recording your thoughts. He and Michael take a deep dive into how and why to think about journaling.

Use these strategies to organize your thinking, and be the best version of yourself.

Park Notes

Michael and Parker on Parker's Pensées

(01:32) Journaling As A Philosophical Practice

(18:24) Transformative Journaling

(22:32) Self-Dialogue

(31:44) Why You Need A Catch All

(34:32) Journaling To Be Present

(38:09) Diary Vs Journal

(44:35) Marcus Aurelius Had A Journal Not A Diary

(45:45) Commonplace Book Vs Compendium

(57:17) Recommendations

(59:18) Michael Pushes Back

(01:02:08) Creation Over Consumption

(01:08:40) Nature Log

(01:12:02) Learn More


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