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“And what are we by nature? We are free, honorable, and self-respecting. After all, does any other animal blush or feel shame?”

The fear of social disgrace, shame, can prevent us from living well. Yet, the Stoics argued that there’s a related emotion, a kind of self-respect, that can help us live more freely. In this conversation, Caleb and Michael discuss both.

(00:06) Introduction

(04:48) Shame as a Passion

(15:47) Positive Shame?

(17:19) The Role of Our Self-Image

(25:40) Everyone's Guardian Spirit

(32:07) The Hidden Philosopher

(34:28) Halftime Summary

(37:55) Challenges

(40:20) Shame for the Past

(45:04) Self-respect

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.