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In this conversation, Caleb speaks with Jeremy Reid. Jeremy is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at San Francisco State University. They talk about anger and forgiveness, using his excellent paper “Stoic Forgiveness” as a launching off point.

This is an excellent conversation for understanding the Stoic view of anger and enriching it with their practical and compassionate take on forgiveness. Highly recommended.

(00:30) Stoics on Anger

(11:13) Why Do We Get Angry?

(15:47) Responding to Wrongdoing

(26:24) Forgiveness

(35:08) Forgiving Everyone at Once

(37:36) Self-Forgiveness

(40:48) Flexibility

(43:15) Children Healing Children

(47:59) Intuitive Stoicism

(50:56) Other People's Anger

(54:38) Becoming Less Angry

(01:00:26) Compassion in Stoicism

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.