William Stephens, a is a Professor of Philosophy at Creighton University, is a first-rate scholar of Stoicism.

We recently recorded a few short clips explaining Marcus Aurelius' thought and life together.

We cover:

  • Who Marcus Aurelius was.
  • How he ruled the Roman Empire.
  • What is The Meditations?
  • Gratitude in Stoicism and The Meditations.
  • How to think about the past, present, and future.
  • Marcus Aurelius' cognitive tool of analysis.
  • Civic virtue and Stoicism.
  • Standout passages and highlights from The Meditations.

If you're new to Stoicism, start at the beginning. If you're familiar with Stoic thought, you'll get a lot out of the later half.

Listen to them all here: (Android, iPhone).

You can also listen to my previous conversation with Dr William Stephens here.