Michael Levy is a contemporary composer and lyre player. His work has been featured around the world, in many different mediums. From commercials to operas.

In his own words:

So, I have a musical mission. An obsession, some might say to open a portal to a time that has been all but forgotten - I dream to rekindle the very spirit of our ancient ancestors. To capture, for just a few moments, a time when people imagined the fabric of the universe was woven from harmonies and notes.

In our conversation, we cover the role of music in the ancient world and today, the Stoic view of music as a way of expressing the order of the universe, and, of course, the lyre. He also plays samples!

You can listen to our conversation here: (Android, iPhone).

Listen to his music on Bandcamp or streaming platforms of your choice, like Spotify.

As an aside, he was kind enough to let us use a clip of his in the Stoa Conversations intro.