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“Although we don’t often recognise it, the 21st century is a transhuman era, where everything that currently makes us human, from our brains and bodies, to our values and ways of life, is poised to be transformed or superseded.”

In this episode, Caleb and Michael consider a contemporary philosophical issue through the lens of Stoicism.

Transhumanism is the idea that humans should use technology to radically enhance human capabilities, lifespan, and experience. So, what do Stoics have to say about it?

Caleb argues that they should be largely in favor of it – with some serious qualifications.

Classical Transhumanism, essay from Caleb

Future Superhuman by Elise Bohan

(02:12) Future Superhuman

(12:54) Objections to Transhumanism

(19:35) Human Nature And Stoicism

(32:22) Warning From The Stoics

(38:53) Moderation Is A Virtue

(40:01) Transcendence


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