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In this conversation, Caleb speaks with Donald Robertson about Marcus Aurelius. They dive into what we know about the man and the critical episodes of his life.

Donald shares his thoughts on the Marcomannic wars, whether Marcus Aurelius ordered the assassination of one of his top generals, and why he appointed Commodus as his successor.

They end by discussing the central role that Stoicism and Stoic practices played in Marcus Aurelius’s life.

Marcus Aurelius: The Stoic Emperor

How To Think Like A Roman Emperor

Donald Robertson’s Substack

(00:45) Changing Mind

(07:29) Commodus / Different Views of History

(16:58) Marcomannic Wars

(33:42) What Marcus Aurelius Didn't Say

(40:50) Stoicism in Marcus Aurelius's Life

(49:41) Avidius Cassius

(01:01:18) Marcus Aurelius and Stoic Practices

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