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How do you live in an uncertain world?

In this episode Caleb and Michael talk about the life philosophy of Skepticism. Skepticism was one of the Stoic’s rival philosophical. Michael and I discuss what skepticism is, what living like a skillful skeptic looks like, and our impressions of the philosophy.

(01:15) Introduction

(04:22) What is Skepticism?

(12:37) Questioning Skepticism

(23:29) Skeptic Ethical Exercises

(31:53) Areas of Agreement with the Stoics

(35:56) Disagreements between the Stoics and Skeptics

(43:13) Is Skepticism Self-refuting?

(49:09) The Ancient Stoic Response

(54:02) Summing Up

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.