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In this conversation, Caleb speaks with Michael McGill.

They discuss Michael's story, Roman history, and how Michael applies Stoic philosophy to his life. It’s a great look at how anyone can take lessons from Greco-Roman philosophy and use them in work, family life, and hobbies in a positive and energetic way.

(02:46) Introduction

(04:34) How Stoicism Shows Up In Michael's Life

(10:56) What Lost Stoic Do You Want To Read?

(13:21) Roman History

(19:23) Cicero

(22:12) Time Management

(26:06) Cato the Younger

(31:38) Role Models and Anti-Models

(35:39) Introducing Others To Stoicism

(43:06) Advice for Creators

(47:57) Busts

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations: