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And in this conversation, Michael and Caleb discuss…Jordan Peterson. In a previous episode, we covered 12 Rules for Life. Jordan Peterson is a controversial political and cultural figure – but in that discussion, we put all that aside.

In this discussion, we bring it all back.

We cover what we see as Peterson’s virtues and vices in this conversation and how they impact his work. We discuss soldier mindset, audience capture, beauty, and neuroticism. Peterson is a role model for us, but also, an anti-model. This was a useful discussion for clarifying what we find valuable from the man, what we don’t, and how that shapes what we want to do with Stoa.

(01:49) Introduction

(03:44) The Good

(12:29) Don't Apologize to the Mob

(18:39) The Bad

(27:58) Soldier Mindset

(45:31) Outstanding Questions

(49:07) Conclusion

12 Rules for Life

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.