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“Iron sharpens iron”

In this conversation, Michael speaks with Gregory Sadler.

Greg is the Founder and President of ReasonIO, a company dedicated to making resources of contemporary and classical philosophy available and accessible to non-philosophers. I first encountered Greg through his popular YouTube channel, which has hundreds of videos breaking down the thinking of philosophers ranging from Epictetus and Seneca to Hegel and Hume.

In this conversation, we cover challenges to the Stoics from a range of philosophers – each criticism should sharpen your picture of Stoicism.

(02:04) Greg's Story

(06:37) What Attracted Greg to Stoicism?

(13:28) Hegel on the Stoics

(25:12) Nietzsche’s Challenge

(33:36) William James on Stoicism

(43:39) Experimentation

(46:00) Shifty Stoicism

(48:15) Neo-Aristotelian Arguments

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.