I’m happy to announce the launch of Stoa, a Stoic meditation and journal app.

I had the idea for Stoa after a meditation session.

I’ve found mindfulness meditation exceptionally useful, I began meditating in high school, and found Stoicism to be a powerful life philosophy.

So, why not combine the two?

Given my background in philosophy and software, I realized that I was in the perfect position to create something that I’d use daily and find helpful with building resilience. After creating and releasing Stoa, I discovered that I’m not alone.

What is Stoicism? Stoicism is an ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. It holds that the ultimate good is virtue. One practices Stoicism with the three Stoic disciplines of judgement, desire, and action. With Stoa you can use meditation and other contemplative exercises to practice these three disciplines.

Importantly, Stoicism had a strong impact on the development of cognitive behavioral therapy. Moreover, many ideas held by the Stoics are also seen in acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychotherapists like Donald Robertson are starting to do great work documenting therapeutic Stoic practices and showing how they can be incorporated into resilience training. Stoa is strongly influenced by this work.

It includes hours of meditations, thousands of quotes, a private journal, and conversations with experts like Donald Robertson (psychotherapist, How to Live Like A Roman Emperor) and Massimo Pigliucci (philosopher, How To Be A Stoic).

Here are a few of my favorite reviews:

“Great for starting meditation and starting to practice some of the world’s oldest and strongest practices for resilience”

“Brilliantly combines mindfulness meditation with stoic philosophy. Showing how one aids the other to better ourselves”

“Enjoy this app. Combines Stoicism, ACT, and Buddhism. A real winner.”

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