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Practice Stoicism.
Build resilience.

Stoa combines the ancient philosophy of Stoicism with mindfulness meditation in a practical meditation app.

The ancients had a playbook for living well in a hectic world.

Join thousands of people putting it into practice today.

Stoa has all you need to learn about and apply Stoic philosophy.

Build resilience and virtue

Join thousands of people using Stoa


Stoicism is a philosophy that originated in ancient Greece and Rome. It was practiced by slaves, logicians, and emperors. The philosophy inspired the formation of contemporary and effective therapies, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Today, many use Stoic techniques and philosophies to build resilience and character. Download Stoa to learn more (iPhone, Android).

The short answer is that Stoa is the only Stoic meditation app.

Our guided exercises are inspired by ancient philosophy and updated with modern techniques..

Stoa it’s not just a “meditation” app. Stoa includes hours of lessons and conversations with experts to develop your knowledge of Stoic theory.

It’s meant to be a comprehensive way to deliver the Stoic view of life. It is not for everyone.

If you're interested in Stoicism, meditation, or simply want a new contemplative practice this app is for you.

We have more than an hour's worth of free meditation content. Access to the quotes and books in the app is completely free. For permanent full access, please check the Stoa app for the most recent pricing. If cost is an obstacle, reach out to support.
If you have any feedback, comments, or questions we'd love to hear from you! Email us at stoa@stoameditation.com.
We do not want cost to be an obstacle to practicing Stoicism. If you truly cannot afford the app and would like to use it, reach out to us at stoa@stoameditation.com.

Live better with philosophy

Start practicing Stoicism now.