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In this conversation Caleb speaks with Will Johncock, the philosopher, sociologist and author of Beyond the Individual: Stoic Philosophy on Community and Connection.

Will’s work highlights the deeply social aspect of Stoicism and offers an essential frame for thinking about our own lives, the lives of the people around us, and our world.

Will reminds us that we share our nature with the world and people around us. This provides a source of meaning and guidance.

Will Johncock

(03:28) The Individual and Social Aspects of Stoicism

(07:54) Being Social

(13:38) Rationality in the Universe

(18:59) Egoism

(29:52) Autonomy Culture

(36:17) Virtue

(38:58) The Problem of Evil

(42:56) Moral Luck

(46:58) History or Life Philosophy?

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.