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This conversation is with Tanner Campbell., the founder of Practical Philosophy and host of the Practical Stoicism Podcast.

Tanner specializes in bringing Stoicism to a broad audience in a way that is practical and accessible. In this episode, he and Michael Tremblay how to navigate our roles and responsibilities as Stoics, Tanner's journey from being skeptical of Stoicism to a Stoic advocate, and Tanner's relationship with the Stoic God as the former host of an atheism podcast.

(01:16) Introduction

(10:40) Podcast as Practice

(22:55) The Difference That Stoicism Makes

(36:10) Virtue Signaling

(38:37) How Do You Know What Your Roles Are?

(48:14) Common Pitfalls

(50:29) Popularizing Stoicism

(01:01:39) Traditional Stoicism

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.