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“You are mortal.” So whispered the slaves of triumphant Roman generals as they celebrated their return in a glorious parade.

In this episode we discuss memento mori: Remembering the fact that you will die in order to live well.

We discuss the Stoic view of death and why they argued that one should always keep death in mind. We end by summarizing the benefits and risks of memento mori exercises so that you can translate Stoic philosophy into real practice.

(02:16) Introduction

(08:37) Memento Mori

(17:49) Face Death to Pursue Knowledge

(22:07) Overcoming Death

(27:08) You Are Free

(32:30) How to Practice

(39:04) Summarizing the Benefits

(42:55) Risks

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.