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Today’s Stoic revival is the second one. The first resurgence of Stoicism actually happened during the Renaissance.

In this podcast, David Fideler and I discuss what Modern Stoics today can learn from the Renaissance Humanists.

It’s a conversation that touches on history, education, and virtue ethics. It should be of interest to anyone who wants to increase the influence of Stoicism on society.

(02:24) Introduction

(08:35) The Birth of the Renaissance

(15:37) What Made Florence Great

(17:49) Stoics in the Rennaissance

(26:57) Stoic Exercises

(30:25) Other Influences

(32:44) What Modern Stoics Can Takeaway From the Humanists

(38:54) Reinventing Education

(46:10) Where to Learn More

Become more Stoic with the Stoa app.

If you try the Stoa app and find it useful, but truly cannot afford it, email us and we'll set you up with a free account.

Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.