How are you spending your time? The pandemic will end. How will you look back on it?

Some of us have more free time now. Others have less. Whatever it is it likely out of our control.

If you find yourself with less free time. Perhaps you're dealing with omnipresent family in addition to increasing work demands. How will you look back on this time? As hectic and full of uncertainty. Were you there for your family? Did you overcome the frustration and uncertainty?

If you find yourself with more time, perhaps you've been laid off or are simply stuck in your apartment. How will you look back on this time? Did you waste it away? Did you rest? Were you build and move forward?

For many of us, this time is hard. But this time is also limited. The bad is temporary, but so is the good.

Now is as good a time as any to revisit Seneca on the shortness of life.

Look back and recall when you were ever sure of your purpose; how few  days turned out as you'd intended; when you were ever at your own  disposal; when your face showed its own expression; when your mind  was free from disturbance; what accomplishment you can claim in  such a long life; how many have plundered your existence without  your being aware of what you were losing; how much time has been  lost to groundless anguish, foolish pleasure, greedy desire, the charms  of society; how little is left to you from your own store of time. You'll  come to realize that you're dying before your time."  

What, then, is the reason for this? Your sort live as if you're     going to live forever, your own human frailty never enters your head,  you don't keep an eye on how much time has passed already. You  waste time as if it comes from a source full to overflowing, when all  the while that very day which is given over to someone or something  may be your last. You're like ordinary mortals in fearing everything,  you're like immortals in coveting everything.