Justin Stead is currently the CEO of Radley Handbags & Accessories. Previously, Stead was the CEO of Aurum Holdings, now the Watches of Switzerland Group. Not only that, he and his wife, Natalia Stead, are the founders of the Aurelius Foundation.

The Aurelius foundation is focused on sharing the principles of Stoicism through seminars, workshops, courses and more.

In this conversation, we touch on how Stoicism has influenced his life and how he's working on spreading Stoicism today.

It can be easy to apply Stoicism to some aspects of our life, but not others. Justin Stead is someone who has applied Stoicism throughout his life – from sport, business, family and the Aurelius Foundation. For that reason, this conversation should be motivating and practically useful to those working on applying philosophy to a whole life, instead of isolated parts.

Listen to it here: (Android, iPhone).