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Have you thought about the Roman Republic today?

In this conversation, Caleb speaks with Josiah Osgood, a professor of classics and author of Uncommon Wrath:  How Caesar and Cato’s Deadly Rivalry Destroyed the Roman Republic. They discuss Cato the Younger, Julius Caesar, and the lessons we can take from both men.

(02:21) Cato's Rome

(07:30) The Young Caesar and Cato

(14:21) Populist vs Aristocrat

(16:05) When Did He Become Stoic?

(18:30) Cato vs Caesar

(25:11) Caesar's Life Philosophy

(29:49) Did Cato Do the Right Thing?

(37:03) What Can We Learn From Caesar

(41:49) Was the Republic Worth Saving?

(44:56) Should Stoics Always Resist a Tyrant?

(50:59) Fabius Maximus – a Roman Model

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