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“If a text is not offensive to anyone, it probably isn't very important.”

In this conversation, Caleb speaks with Jeremy Wayne Tate, the Co-founder and President of the Classic Learning Test.

The Classic Learning Test is bringing back a focus on educating the whole human person by focusing on the great works and fundamental philosophical questions about how to live.

If you check out the CLT author bank you’ll find several Stoic names – which we at Stoa love to see.

This conversation focuses on the purpose of education, testing, and how to approach the classics today – all with someone who is in the arena shaping how education is done today.

(03:31) Telos and Tests

(06:06) Why Go Back To The Classics?

(08:17) The SAT

(09:09) Elite Education

(11:05) The Stoics

(12:14) Crucial Questions

(16:46) How to Approach the Great Works

(20:07) C. S. Lewis

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.