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Chris Fisher

In this episode, Michael and I speak with Chris Fisher. We discuss traditional Stoicism: its religious aspects, the role of the Stoic God, and what modern Stoics miss from the ancient philosophy.

This is an excellent conversation for learning about what traditional Stoicism is and why it matters.

(01:55) Chris's Background

(09:17) What is Traditional Stoicism?

(19:45) Defending Providence

(29:00) The Stoic God

(40:14) What's the Practical Upshot

(48:50) The Problem of Evil

(57:27) Is Modern Stoicism a Bad Thing?

(01:12:00) What's Missing from Modern Stoic Epistemics?

(01:13:44) Building Habits

(01:18:40) Summing Up

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.