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Caleb and Michael talk about Seneca’s 94th Letter to Lucilius. In it Seneca debates the place of rules in the philosophical life with the ancient Stoic Aristo.

It's a topic of theoretical and practical importance. How do you use rules, proverbs, and precepts well when they are such imperfect tools? What's the difference between rules and principles?

(02:39) The Debate Over Rules

(16:19) Aristo

(21:40) Memorizing Philosophy Does Not Work

(26:02) Rules Are Either Obvious Or Misunderstood

(31:02) Summarizing Aristo

(32:53) Seneca's Response

(45:20) The Point of Rules

(49:54) Are Rules Specific Enough?

(52:38) How To Use Rules

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.