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Happy new year! Thanks for listening to Stoa Conversations.

In this one, Caleb and Michael discuss their highlights from 2023 – one year of podcasting in public. Relive your favorite philosophical moments with them as they share the key insights from the year and shoutout guests.

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(01:31) Stoic Psychology

(06:20) Stoicism Is Deep

(09:08) Thinking, Fast And Slow

(13:45) Voluntary Suffering

(22:17) Anger Sucks

(27:26) The Stoic God

(32:01) Randolph Nesse

(36:04) Julia Galef

(40:22) Chris Gill

(45:25) Greg Sadler

(48:09) Dana Gioia

(51:06) What's Next For Stoa Conversations

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.