This page includes forthcoming features and content to Stoa.

Stoa is created to help millions of people become resilient and live in line with their values. All upcoming features and content will help accomplish that goal.

What does Socrates say? ‘One person likes tending to his farm, another to his horse; I like to daily monitor my self-improvement.’

– Epictetus

Upcoming (First Quarter of 2020)

  • Hours of new meditations and exercises.
  • Hours of new Stoa Conversations with authors, philosophers, and top performers.
  • Upgrading the course flow. A lot of users have complemented the flow of the course. It's very well structured and we've put a lot of thought into it. However, this is the core part of the app and it's something that I'd like to improve.
  • iOS: Syncing with the Apple health app.
  • Better audio controls in the tray.
  • A better way to display history.
  • Effectiveness tracking. We'd like to do top research-level work investigating how efficacious using Stoa is. It's important to ensure that the content is helping people become more resilient and live better lives.
  • Orientation: a few users, especially tablet users, have requested that Stoa be compatible with a landscape view.
  • Stoa could be better at handling large font sizes.

If you'd like to submit a feature request, Stoa Conversations guest, or offer feedback please email