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In this conversation, Caleb speaks with Spencer Klavan. Spencer is a classicist, author of How to Save the West, and host of the Young Heretics podcast.

Spencer argues that we face five crises and how we respond to them determines who we are as individuals and society. These crises pertain to reality, body, meaning, religion, and regime.

We discuss these challenges, classical accounts of virtue, and whether Stoicism has what it takes to answer the predicament we're in.

Gateway to the Stoics

How to Save the West

(00:32) Spencer's Story

(06:59) Career and The Hero's Journey

(11:12) Recovering The Good

(16:55) The Unitary Nature of Virtue

(30:30) How to Save The West

(35:00) When was the West at its Best?

(39:11) Crises

(44:11) Is Stoicism Enough?

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.