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This one is for all of you interested in Stoic theory.

In this conversation, Caleb and Scott Aikin discuss objections to Stoicism.

Scott defends a revisionary kind of Stoicism. In some places, Caleb questions how revisionary it is – is Scott just restating things the ancients solved already? In other places, Caleb questions whether it’s too revisionary to work – do we need an account of nature after all? Scott responds.

Listen and work through the problems yourself.

Epictetus’s 'Encheiridion': A New Translation and Guide to Stoic Ethics

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Scott Aikin on We Are The Stoics Now

(04:44) Fatalism

(12:29) Dichotomy of Control

(18:45) Where Your Control Lies

(20:04) Skepticism

(22:28) Determinism

(31:30) How You Revisionary Is Scott?

(34:38) The Ruin Problem

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.