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This conversation will help you think more deeply about the nature of  rhetoric.

Caleb Ontiveros speaks with the political scientist Rob Goodman. You may recognize his name from the book Rome’s Last Citizen, which he wrote with past Stoa Conversations guest, Jimmy Soni. He's also the author of Words on Fire: Eloquence and Its Conditions.

We discuss ancient Romans, current politics, risk, and rhetoric.

(02:03) Introduction

(03:56) Who was Cicero?

(07:00) Cicero & Cato the Younger

(19:53) Rhetoric

(29:50) Responsibilities of the Audience

(32:57) Politics as Spectators

(36:43) Politics as Conflict

(39:13) Why Rome?

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Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.