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Jimmy Soni
All ages will produce men like Clodius, but not all ages men like Cato.

– Seneca  

Why did Stoics idolize Cato the Younger?  

In this episode Caleb Ontiveros speaks with Jimmy Soni, author of Rome's Last Citizen.

We focus on what is admirable about Cato the Younger, his contradictions, and his legacy. We also touch on Soni’s book The Founders which is a deep dive on the story of PayPal. It’s a engaging  book on the early days of what are now Silicon Valley legends.  

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(05:07) What Was Rome Like for Young Cato?

(07:25) Stoicism and Cato

(14:13) Cato in Politics

(19:23) What is Admirable About Cato

(22:03) Cato's Failings

(29:06) Modern Stoics in Politics?

(30:26) Cato in Silicon Valley

(32:37) Julius Caesar

(36:37) Cato's Legacy

(43:56) Girard and Cato

Stoa Conversations is Caleb Ontiveros and Michael Tremblay’s podcast on Stoic theory and practice.

Caleb and Michael work together on the Stoa app. Stoa is designed to help you build resilience and focus on what matters. It combines the practical philosophy of Stoicism with modern techniques and meditation.

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Caleb Ontiveros has a background in academic philosophy (MA) and startups. His favorite Stoic is Marcus Aurelius. Follow him here:

Michael Tremblay also has a background in academic philosophy (PhD) where he focused on Epictetus. He is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His favorite Stoic is Epictetus. Follow him here:

Thanks to Michael Levy for graciously letting us use his music in the conversations.